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Reclaimed from Mother Nature

Beetle and Fire Kill Timber


In Montana over the past few years we have lost over a million acres of lodgepole pine trees due to the mountain pine beetle. In 2007, the mountain pine beetle was blamed for killing 3.9 million acres of trees in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Washington. The current pine beetle infestation is the worst since 1981, when 4.7 million acres of trees were infected. The outbreak is a perfect storm of drought, large stands of old trees and, possibly, warmer temperatures because of climate change.  Every large, mature lodgepole pine forest in Colorado and southern Wyoming will be dead within three to five years. With no solution in site and the epidemic spreading exponentially, we feel compelled to find alternative uses for this sustainable product. 

Dead standing trees are a certain threat for future wildfires, but now these trees are being harvested and reclaimed. Reclaimed from mother nature and once thought to be useless, these tress have been given a new life in Montana Ghost Wood. 

Due to low humidity in the Rocky Mountains, trees killed by wildfire and beetle epidemics remain intact and naturally dry over a period of years. Due to their character and reclaimed and recycled appeal, these trees are now desired and even preferred by the environmentally sensitve consumer.

Statement Of Product Characteristics And Expectations

Montana Ghost Wood is a new wood product which mimics the appearance and therefore the appeal of reclaimed wood. By it’s very nature, Ghost Wood will go through some changes during the seasoning process which could include, but is not limited to, some minor shrinking, splitting, warping, cupping, pitch bleed, and/or color change. Ghost Wood varies in color shades and tones much the same as reclaimed wood. Bannack Brown will vary from dark brown to tan; Silver City will vary from silver grey to grey brown. Th e degree to which Ghost Wood will maintain or change color depends on location and exposure to weather. Color change can be minimized by periodic application of a clear coat. Left alone, Ghost Wood will continue to age, the degree to which, again depending on location. Some colors will darken, others will lighten as time goes on. Properly acclimated and installed, Ghost Wood can be expected to perform as well as or better than comparable products. Ghost Wood requires little or no maintenance depending on the above mentioned factors and your long term goal for the appearance of the product.

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